We provide creative solutions to loss mitigation

Berkley Surety's approach to claims management is proactive and relationship-driven. Berkley Surety's claim professionals work closely with our underwriters and consider every facet of the claim scenario. Personal contact, responsiveness and follow-through are hallmarks of our claim commitment.

Our claims department has a depth of experience that provides creative solutions to loss mitigation while maintaining an unwavering commitment to fairness and to achieving the best available outcomes.

To verify the authenticity of a bond please call (800) 456-5486​ or contact us through email.

Claim Reporting and Inquiries

Any written notices, inquiries, claims or demands to the surety on any of our bonds should be directed to:

For United States Claims:

E-Mail Us or call (800) 456-5486.

For Canadian Claims:

E-Mail Us or call (800) 456-5486.

Please include with all notices the bond number and the name of the principal on the bond. Where a claim is being asserted, please set forth the general basis of the claim. In the case of a payment or performance bond, please identify the project to which the bond pertains.

California CCPA Notice regarding collection of Personal Information​​​

If you require a physical mailing address for Claims correspondence, please E-Mail Us.